Thinkpad r51 juc成功安装mac os 10.4.8驱动intel无线网卡.ipw2200


Hi everyone,

as you may know I've been working on the iwi2200 drivers.. many of you may think this is bullshit since until now nothing has been released or reported working. But here is proof and the first release of a somewhat functional driver which is based on the freebsd iwi driver (the fbsd equivilant to the linux ipw)

Here to fill you in on the current project status of what i have managed to do:

- firmware is loaded
- ucode is loaded
- card is initialized
- basic (but faulty) Rx/Tx Queues are setup
- first attempts to scan for available accesspoints have invoked a recieve interrupt
- however no AP association is functional as yet

The current problem I am having is implementing Ieee80211 specific routines as there is no open Ieee80211 framework provided by darwin. Another major problem is the lack of time due to the upcoming semester and the exams that come along with it.

How you can help:

- You can't! Unless you are familiar with programming or Ieee80211.. please dont email me offering your "testing" support. I apprechiate it but I have more than enough of those. thanks

Where to download it: and go to "Files"
or directly to:

If you feel fit to help just drop me a private message here (i dont feel like disclosing my email to a public forum)

Here are the requirements to get it working:
- XCode 2.x (available from Apple free of charge if you signup on
- The ipw firmware which cannot be freely distributed with the project... for this reason you will have to download it at:
- Some minimal knowledge of how to use a unix terminal

Lets get it compiled:
first step is to download the firmware at (i used version 2.4) and copy the ipw-*.fw files into iwi2000/firmware/. In that directory you will find a file called hex2string. hex2string will generate a C-String headers out of the firmware files: All you need to do is:
$> cd iwi2200/firmware
$iwi2200/firmware> ./hex2string ipw-2.4-boot.fw iwi_boot > iwi_boot.fw.h
$iwi2200/firmware> ./hex2string ipw-2.4-bss.fw iwi_bss > iwi_bss.fw.h
$iwi2200/firmware> ./hex2string ipw-2.4-bss_ucode.fw iwi_ucode_bss > iwi_ucode_bss.fw.h

(If you use a different version from 2.4 just replace the 2.4 with the version you downloaded.)

once you've created the required headers return back to the root of the iwi2200 directory with
$iwi2200/firmware> cd ..

now its time to compile the actual driver by using the Makefile:
$iwi22000> make

If this was successful then you got lucky!! To load the driver type:
$iwi2200> ./load

and you should read something like this:
kextunload: unload kext ./build/Default/iwi2200.kext failed
kextload: ./build/Default/iwi2200.kext loaded successfully

check dmesg for the driver generated output and check if your device shows up in ifconfig by typing:
$iwi2200> dmesg
$iwi2200> ifconfig -a

Good Luck, happy hacking...

Joel Thomas

P.S. Dont think this driver is acctually working yet. It still needs some more work. Its ment for developers, the curious and the impatient



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